Fake Boobs on Hustler Casino Live Spark Twitter Storm

Will Fake Boobs Take Poker Backwards?

It's hard to imagine a day when fake breasts will have anything to do with poker. This, in turn, stems from the controversy caused by a Japanese player wearing fake breasts at Hustler Casino Live.

The range of use and use of fake breasts is more and more extensive. It is the most common use for mastectomy. Of course, fake breasts can also be used as temporary decorations and beauty AIDS. There is no doubt that the existence of fake breasts is reasonable, so why is this a problem: Will fake breasts take poker backwards?

For this problem, I will elaborate in the following two aspects.

Can't fake breasts go hand in hand with poker?

For such a question, I think the question itself is funny. Fake breasts in the right circumstances, can help women improve breast shape, enhance self-confidence, improve the quality of life, such an item, its existence is reasonable, there is no reason not to coexist with poker games.

Fake Boobs on Hustler Casino Live Spark Twitter Storm

So at the end of the day, it's not a question of wearing fake breasts, whether it's wearing fake breasts, or how big fake breasts it is is a personal freedom, but we need to wear it under the right circumstances, under the right circumstances.

Do fake breasts really set poker back?

And the answer to that question is definitely no. As mentioned above, there is no inevitable relationship between fake breasts and poker, and wearing fake breasts is also personal freedom. However, we need to distinguish between occasions to wear, but also pay attention to the normalization of wearing, can not be too exposed when wearing fake breasts.

So will fake breasts take poker backwards? The answer is no. The emergence of such a problem, after all, is only the player wearing fake breasts too exposed, and by others for this matter, and then discussed.



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