Our mission: To make the best products for the world's crossdressers.

Founded in 2018, MINAKY is committed to creating high-quality crossdressing products. We found a silicone material that is very similar to human skin and touch. We use it to make fake breasts, fake vagina, which is very realistic, so we produce these silicone prosthesis as our products, all of these are handmade, and from the first generation, we always continue to upgrade their materials, molds, styles so that everyone can have better sexy breasts, charming hips, female pussy, almost everyone can become a sexy female.

We also launched the silicone mask with light makeup, which is suitable for transvestites and crossdressers. There are not only female masks, but also young male masks and old male masks.

We will develop more variety of crossdressing products in the future, so that every crossdresser has more choices, can find the suitable product.

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